Efficient and customised advice

We are here to help you

SFH Steuerberatung offers support in far more than just tax matters: We are also here to provide you with advice and solutions in your business and personal life.

We work both for you and with you, offering an excellent service tailored to your needs. We are experienced but young at heart, and strive for mutual success.

We act as both ship and sail for your personal and corporate needs. We help you through troubled waters and push you closer and closer towards achieving your goals. As your tax consultants, we lead the way and employ our in-depth expertise and dedicated team to your advantage.

The importance of respect

You will sometimes find us dressed in short-sleeves, sometimes wearing a tie, sometimes in jeans, sometimes in a suit – it depends on the occasion. We are ready for and experienced in the task at hand, and believe in taking a personal approach in our dealings with clients.

An all-round ethos of respect is important to us. Of course, this extends not only to our clients, but our staff and partners as well. We also try to engage on a personal basis with tax offices, insurance companies and other authorities to help us provide you with the most efficient service possible.

Choosing a tax consultant is based primarly on trust. Allow us to earn your trust and then strengthen it. See what you make of us and let’s get talking!

Setting target

The key to successfully achieving our goals lies in taking joy in our work, our employees’ excellent level of education and training and the strong social skills of all of our staff. We use cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to ensure quality and to increase efficiency.

Our clients demand efficiency: It’s something they appreciate in others and practise themselves. Collaboration is based on trust and cooperation. This ensures a high level of mutual satisfaction.