Streamlined processes in accounting

You don’t write us letters anymore; instead, you use e-mail. You no longer go to the bank counter; instead, you transfer payments using electronic banking. At the gas station, you no longer lay a note down on the money tray; instead, your account is accessed via a plastic card. And you don’t look up your destination in a roadmap, but rather on your navigation system. In our office, however, the accounting process is based primarily on folders, hole punchers, staplers and registers. But that’s not to say the digital age hasn’t made its presence felt here for some time as well.

As a modern tax consultancy, we help you to save time with streamlined processes. Exchanging documents via file folders has been replaced by the digitisation of documents – either by fax or via the scanner. We are able to prepare your accounts on a daily basis in the form of permanent and timely document filing with simultaneous electronic access to your bank accounts. At the request of customers, you can access your documents at any time – and that’s no matter where you are in the world, thanks to the electronic document archive in the DATEV data centre. This is the “accounting of the future”!

Accounting can also be an effective tool for corporate management, reducing administrative tasks and improving liquidity. The pre-acquisition of information on digitised journal vouchers has given rise to entirely new workflows between you and us. Our accounting system, which is based on the number of entry lines, allows us to create a sense of transparency and security in planning.

This method also eliminates staff shortages and risks, as well as avoiding extensive account transfers on your annual financial statement. If you’d like to learn more about how it all actually works, please get in touch with us!

Prefer not to renounce your folders and still favour paper documents over digital records? Rest assured that we will find ways to optimise processes and save you time and money in the conventional accounting process, too. Let us advise you!

Our services at a glance

  • Accounting, balance sheets and controlling
  • Financial accounting
  • Open item / outstanding item
  • Cost accounting
  • Business evaluations
  • Net income and profit calculation
  • Annual financial statement
  • Appendix to the financial statement
  • Help with drawing up management reports
  • Plausibility assessments
  • Preparation reports
  • Supplementary and special balance sheets