Outsourced payroll accounting is worth it

A few long faces after the payroll tax audit – the auditor raised an objection and there was a hefty arrears payment. How could this have happened?

There are always lots of legislative changes and adjustments involved in payroll and salary accounting. If this is done in-house, the relevant employee is required to stay on top of all changes. This is often a tall order, especially when they have other duties to perform within the company.

Leave your payroll accounting in our hands – your experts in payroll and salary accounting. We provide a higher level of assurance for tax and social security audits, as well as keeping track of all reporting requirements and deadlines and sending the statements of account directly to your staff. Your salaries will be duly processed thanks to DATEV and archived completely securely in their data centre. And you will receive all this at fully transparent prices, outlined well in advance.

Our services at a glance

  • Payroll and salary accounting
  • Managing payroll accounts
  • Registering income tax
  • Reporting to social insurance agencies