“The taxman is coming!” This figure enjoyed a fearsome reputation in the Middle Ages, although back then they would have been content with receiving the requisite tithe. Sadly, this no longer holds true at the tax office. And when the much-maligned tax inspector announces an external audit aimed at putting the company books under the microscope, it strikes fear into the hearts of entrepreneurs – regardless of whether they actually have anything to worry about.

We are here to assist, discuss and consult with you before, during and after the audit. The auditing process takes place at our office, and we will also act as a direct point of contact between the inspector and you. Any fears that you or even one of your staff might say something wrong or be otherwise misinterpreted during the audit are therefore unnecessary.

Our expertise and experience in financial management makes us the perfect intermediary to represent your interests skilfully and meticulously. We are familiar with all the procedural quirks and know what will and what won’t be under scrutiny. We safeguard your personal accounts and find compromises that we can negotiate with the auditor face to face. High payments are thus avoided, or else kept as low as possible.

Many pitfalls during the auditing process can often be avoided with proper, iron-clad accounting. Do you still perform all of your accounting in-house? Maybe we should analyse the situation together to head off any problems arising during any future audit proceedings.


  • Special VAT audit
  • Field auditing (the ‘classic’ tax audit)
  • Payroll tax audit
  • Social security checks